Benefits of Yoga for Babies

Yoga for babies
Baby yoga

If you are a parent that wants the best for your child and would like to incorporate an activity that will positively impact your baby for a lifetime, then you should look into the many benefits of yoga.

Babies are natural performers of yoga, since their little bodies are limber and very flexible. Yoga has many benefits for babies.

Helps With Balance:

When your baby performs yoga (with your assistance, of course), he or she will learn how to balance himself or herself quicker than a baby that does not use yoga. A few poses that can help your baby with balance are "downward facing dog" (which is great for learning to crawl), "wind relieving pose", and "bridge pose".



Yoga helps to strengthen and encourage your baby's brain and body development. When yoga is added to your baby's everyday routine, your baby will have more ability and confidence to walk and crawl ( According to, "Yoga helps to strengthen a baby's coordination, bone tissue and ligaments."


Relieves Tummy Upsets:

"Knees to chest" is a great asana to help relieve babies of gas or any other stomach upsets, such as constipation and colic.



  Whether you are the mom or dad, helping your baby with yoga poses will create not only a more fit and healthier baby, but will also create a stronger and tighter bond with you and your baby. Yoga can also offer parents with the benefit of learning to calm their baby more quickly, promoting relaxation.


There are plenty of natural ways to help you and your baby lead a quality life. If you are not able to find a studio in your area that teaches yoga for babies, there are plenty of helpful online videos that will show you how to incorporate yoga into your baby's everyday routine.


Help your baby practice yoga for overall health and you will notice benefits that can last throughout a lifetime.



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