How to develop good sleeping habits in Children

Getting enough sleep is crucial to the development of children Read more: How to Develop Good Sleeping Habits In Children.

Good sleeping habits should begin as infants, although this is an area that many parents struggle with. Medical professionals recommend that toddlers get about 12 to 14 hours of sleep in a 24-hour time frame. There are many things that parents can do to develop good sleeping habits.


 1/ Develop a routine. Bed time should be the same every night, even on the weekends. A good example of a routine is to begin bath time at a certain time then follow with brushing their teeth, story time and bed time. Then repeat this routine every night.

2/Avoid allowing children to watch television to fall asleep. Getting children to fall asleep on their own is helpful. Some research has indicated that having the TV on while trying to fall asleep can have the opposite reaction because it can stimulate the mind.

Encourage children to sleep in their own bed and their own room. Many children only feel secure along side of their parents, but this can lead to poor sleeping habits for the whole family. Make their bed a special place and allow them a special animal or blanket for security.

Be consistent and strict with bedtime rules. Let them know that they have a set bed time every night and that they must fall asleep and stay asleep in their room and their bed every night with no exceptions. Do not to let your rules slide no matter how tired or busy you are.

Once your child is in bed and ready to fall asleep, say goodnight and leave the room. Children will try anything to get you to stay and fight off bed time, so leave the room and don't allow for any persuasion.


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