MIRANDA CASTRO. HOmeopath, author and educator

who is Miranda Castro?

I am a British-trained professional homeopath who has been in practice since 1983 and writing and teaching about homeopathy since 1988.

I have a special love of homeopathy, having used it my whole life. I came to classical homeopathy when my son was a year old and suffering from whooping cough. Thankfully, after several false (homeopathic) starts, we found a classical homeopath who was able to cure Daniel by not simply focusing on his physical symptoms alone. As a result, Daniel's general health improved and despite the seriousness of his complaint, he didn't suffer any long term effects or vulnerabilities.

I have been teaching and talking about homeopathy to the lay public and interested health care professionals since 1988, including groups of midwives, nurses, counselors and doctors. I have a background in acupuncture, iridology, healing, supervision and humanistic psychotherapy. I developed a program of supervision specifically to meet the emotional and more practical needs of the professional homeopath. This has been incorporated into the curriculum of several homeopathic teaching establishments in the UK and has formed a cornerstone for my homeopathy teaching.

Working with the Whole Person Homeopathy views health and illness in a holistic manner and this view is different from the standard, conventional approach which usually limits its concerns to individual symptoms. In working with the whole person the homeopath regards the mental and emotional as well as physical aspects as important. Consultations involve an in-depth interview and are one to two hours long.

Increasing the General Vitality.

As a homeopath I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any particular symptom, disease or condition. Instead, I work on increasing the general vitality and constitutional strength of those who seek my advice. I am a professional homeopath and not a medical doctor, and therefore those who work with me must retain the services of a primary care physician for appropriate evaluations and check-ups for themselves and/or their children. Please contact me with any questions about homeopathy, or the way I work, or if you would like me to send you my fee schedule.

I can't help myself - I am a compulsive and enthusiastic communicator - especially about homeopathy. A homeoholic as it were! I have many other interests that I weave shamelessly into my writings and teachings as and where I can. These include but are not limited to: travel, edible gardening, technology, knitting, my grand babies, singing, cooking and chickens.

I have used homeopathy my whole life. My family doctor growing up was a naturopath who used the cell salts. When I left home at 16 I purchased a cell salt kit, a 36 remedy first aid kit and a couple of books from Nelson's Homeopathic Pharmacy (the Queen's homeopathic pharmacy). My experiences - both the good and the frustrating - with those books led me to write my own in order to offer the home prescriber the tools to do really good classical homeopathy with first aid and acute home prescribing.

I aim to make classical homeopathy both understandable and fun. I hope to inspire my readers to use homeopathy successfully and through their experiences to want to learn more. My books have inspired many (you know who you are!) to study further - much further - to become homeopathic practitioners. This is deeply moving and satisfying to me.

I am a compulsive and enthusiastic student also and I have spent the past two years studying and researching papers for a post graduate degree in homeopathy at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. I am currently writing my thesis and I shall be publishing some of these papers in professional journals in due course.