A new baby on the way!!!!
A new baby on the way!!!!

Most new parents will tell you that navigating through those first few days after bringing home a new baby is anything but easy! Even for the most experienced parents, bringing home a new baby means changing routines, dividing time and just trying to figure out how to jiggle it all.




Postpartum doulas don't have medical degrees but rather are trained or experienced in providing care during the first days or weeks after childbirth. They'll do all sorts of things to help ease your transition to new parenthood — from caring for you and your baby and offering breastfeeding advice to cooking, babysitting, running errands, and even doing light housework.

Some people hire a private labor coach, or doula, to assist during childbirth. Similarly, there are doulas who specialize in helping families after the baby's born, easing the burdens of daily life so you can concentrate on your baby.


Postpartum doulas provide the families information and support on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, infant soothing, and coping skills for new parents. They also help with light housework, fix a meat and help incorporate an older child into this new experience.

Keep in mind your personal response to a prospective doula during the interview:

  • Does she seem kind, warm, and energetic?
  • Does she seem knowledgeable?
  • Does she communicate well?
  • Is she a good listener?
  • Would you feel comfortable having her in your home?



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Special mention to my teacher Kate woods Conscious Birthing:

Kate's continuous studies have been with Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin, the Holistic Childbirth Educator Foundation, Janet Balaskas at the Active Birth Centre and Suzanne Yates at Well Mother (Shiatsu for Labour). Kate is a registered member of UK, an associate of the European Doula Network and is a qualified Holistic Childbirth Educator.



Certificate of Completion Doula Training Course.
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