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Well known anthropologist Dr Ashley Montagu wrote: "Human beings cannot survive without touch; it is a basic behavioural need". Without touch, the human infant will surely die. With healthy touch, the human infant not only survives, but thrives.


History of Infant massage in west countries:


Vimala McClure was a young woman in her early 20’s when she went to India and cared for babies in a large children’s home. Despite the very rustic living situation, and the limited amount of food for the babies, they seemed to thrive. She wondered why, until the evening she saw the older girls massaging the babies before putting them to bed. “The babies loved it,” Vimala said, “and they went right to sleep afterwards.” So when Vimala returned to the US, and had babies of her own, she chose to massage them, and in the process brought infant massage to the West.


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Baby massage



The massage Vimala designed, in those deep moments listening to her own babies, combined together the Indian infant massage techniques she had learned at the children’s home, with Swedish massage, reflexology and yoga.

Instructor baby massage

As a qualified instructor I will guide you through all of the basics of baby massage n a clear and relaxed fashion, ensuring that you use the right strokes with the right amount of pressure, watching you and your baby for the right cues and encouraging you both through this gentle learning experience in a manner that is informal and relaxing, yet is informed and knowledgeable.



Baby massage is especially effective in premature babies, massage techniques can be adapted to help increase much needed weight gain and prevent any further well-being complications. Babies with special-needs also are well known to benefit from regular skilled massage.


Infant massage is an old tradition which can help Mum's give their precious baby the best loving start in life to promote health and happiness. The physical benefits of infant massage are practically endless, but the immediate benefits include:






•   Stimulation

•   Relief

•   Relaxation


Baby Massage

At the end of the baby massage course you will be able to give a full body routine with, including legs and feet, arms and hands, tummy, chest, face and back (the head is not massaged).  

You will also learn containment holding, a colic routine, some baby yoga movements and ways to adapt the massage as your baby grows.


Private classes one to one are run for 60 minutes over a four week period at £120.00 (price per parent plus baby). They are 5 sessions that could be taught in 2 weeks if mum or dad doesn’t have enough time although the 5 week training is ideal to be able to practice what you learn in each session. Prices for a group of parents and babies in your place would be £60 (minimum of 4 parents+ 4 babies).


Baby massage not only encourages and aids the bonding process between baby and parent, but it also has countless other benefits for everyone involved.


I am available for support by email or phone between sessions.

Instructor baby massage (hands on babies training)

Instructor training courses are approved by the Complementary Therapists Association (the CThA) and Embody. The Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) is the leading professional organisation representing over 9000 complementary therapists in the UK and Ireland.


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Diploma Instructor Baby Massage
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