• A Maternity nurse supports parents in all aspects of the baby’s care, role modelling good parenting practices, providing constant guidance on all aspects of care.
  • A Maternity nurse helps to establish good feeding routines which can be maintained after she leaves the family
  • A Maternity nurse helps to establish good sleeping routines
  • A Maternity nurse helps parents to integrate a new baby into family life
  • A Maternity nurse is generally on duty for 24 hours a day-6 days a week.
  • A Maternity nurse gets up during the night to feed and change the baby or get up to support mum or dad whilst they feed or change the baby.
  • A Maternity nurse prepares healthy meals for mum if required



I will do your life easier and my duties will include all aspects of the baby’s care: bathing, nappy changing, feeding (if mother is not breast feeding) and laundry, as well as cleaning and tidying the baby’s bedroom or nursery.


A key part of my duty is to care for the baby so that mum is sure to get sufficient rest, bringing baby to her if a feed is required. I will be available round the clock.

Bebe a los tres meses de edad
New parent.

Maternity Nurses’ Flexibility


It is possible to have a Maternity Nurse for days or nights only.

Although as a Maternity Nurse I will be 'on call' 24-hours a day it is advisable to remember I will need some sleep!

It is highly recommended if you allow your Maternity Nurse at least a couple of hours a day to catch up on sleep or to have some 'time out'. I will be fresher to go on duty!



Maternity Nurses’ Salary Guidelines:


Maternity Nurses are self-employed and we are responsible for our own Tax and National Insurance Contributions. 


Single babies:                             £270       gross per 24 hours

Days only (singles & multiples): £25 to £35 gross per hour

Nights only (singles&multiples):   £35  to £ 45 gross per hour


Maternity Nurse Insurance.




“Everything is ceremony in the wild garden of childhood.”

― Pablo Neruda