RETOÑOS DE LUCHA Y SUEÑOS (Sprouts of struggle and dreams)

Proyecto de Retoños de Lucha y Sueños
Retoños de Lucha y Sueños. Uruguay


During the creation of this project, I thought it would be a beautiful idea that those less fortunate than us could benefit from my help through my website and my work.


I admire their work and am particularly aware of what they do because two friends are involved in this inspirational project.  (One friend, a Uruguayan, helped establish this NGO and continues to participate in their projects.  The other, a Spanish woman, runs dancing workshops for the kids.)


Retoños de Lucha y Suenos’ (Sprouts of Struggle and Dreams) is a non-profitable organization created by neighbors from a very deprived area located on the outskirts of Bella Union city, in Artigas province, north of Uruguay.


During the last few years they have been fighting against infant mortality and child malnutrition in these neighborhoods, also working with children with disabilities.

Such work included Las Laminas and Las Piedras neighborhoods, whose situation was brought into the public eye in 2003 following media reports which confirmed that 50% of its child population was suffering from malnutrition. At the time, infant mortality in Artigas province was three times higher than the national average.

As a response to this terrible reality, neighbors started organizing working groups which later evolved into what it is today ‘Retoños de lucha y Suenos’




HOw to contribute

I have made the decision of contribute with a part of my salary, if any of the families I work to or my friends who know about this project want to help, they will be welcome! there are many different ways to help, not is all about money!.


To continue working against poverty, today more than ever they need our generosity!

Therefore, they are organizing Godparents (children’s sponsors) who can contribute a small monthly fee, regardless of the amount however small, to support the projects we are promoting.

Each contributor will receive a periodic summary of the activities undertaken and an explanation of the forthcoming initiatives. In turn, they will send you an annual report detailing the use given to all donations and the results achieved during the year.


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Retoño de Lucha y Sueños. Uruguay
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